Why David Goldsmith

When you’re searching for a speaker to present to leaders and managers, your ultimate selection should be able to deliver on three levels:

1) they must be able to speak well and engage the audience,
2) they must know the content in enough depth to challenge their audience with new and useful material, and
3) they need to offer practical, realistic solutions that audience members can actually use when they leave the event.

With David Goldsmith, you get all three.

He’s a dynamic speaker, was part of NYU’s Adjunct Faculty for 12 year, a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record to his name, and a respected consultant who marries personality, content, and solutions into engaging presentations he calls Consulting from the Stage.

“Worth his weight in gold,” is what Successful Meetings Magazine says of David, who they named as one of the US’s top 26 speakers.

“Excellence in Teaching” is how NYU SPCS noted David’s ability to teach what leaders need and want most and in ways they can apply best.

Media outlets like Bloomberg, CNN, and the Financial Times to name a few have featured his business successes. And his business and nonprofit successes have garnered him various awards, such as Entrepreneur of the Year and 40 Under 40.

But perhaps most importantly, David has helped countless decision makers improve individual and organizational performance through his proprietary 5-step Consulting from the Stage process and through the publication of the book Paid to THINK.

Check out the rest of the web site and judge for yourself how David can help you and your group put on a dynamic and transformative event.