David Goldsmith (R) engaged in facilitation session with Wipro Technologies Chairman Azim Premji (L) and his management team.

“Turn Around Your Panel Discussions
Make them Engaging, Provocative, Informative,
and the Most Talked About Segment at Your Event!”

Achieve Spot-on Results without the Boredom

Facilitation programs can be a great way to educate others, stimulate intelligent and productive communication, and broadcast your message…but let’s face it, they can also be boring, crawl at a snail’s pace, and potentially veer off course. If you’re looking for a facilitation and panel discussion host who understands that people learn best when they’re interested and engaged and who knows how to keep your sessions productive and on track with objectives, then you’ve come to the right place.

As an expert in multiple fields and multiple industries, David Goldsmith marries your objectives with his expertise to develop a win-win situation for your audience and for you and your event-planning team. He amps up the interest and energy level, converting typically dull and uneventful series of presentations and question-and-answer sessions into engaging, participatory, and memorable facilitation and panel discussion sessions. You can be sure that that interaction amongst participants during your event will be expertly choreographed to achieve your planned objectives.

In our experience, three simple steps guarantee your success.

1. We work with you to strategically design the format for the program based on goals and objectives outlined by key decision makers in the organization or members of the event-planning team.

2. We do our homework and address the details to produce a top-notch program from start to finish, including everything from seating arrangements to the questions asked of those on stage. We learn your challenges and assimilate the information gleaned from our research into the content of the program. David is personally involved in the aspects that make your event a success, paying special attention to the messages you want delivered, redefining and refining the questions to be asked, and ensuring that those on stage give clear and concise answers.

3. David will facilitate the program and ask the tough questions to those on stage. One of the key benefits to having an informed outsider like David facilitating your event is that when appropriate, he can objectively asks questions that often audience members can’t or won’t ask because they’re afraid to do so. Everything is carefully planned ahead of time to keep your program on course. We have found that when audience members feel that they have an objective representative working with your team on stage, they are more receptive to new ideas or initiatives that your on-stage participants want to send.

David as an expert can:

Facilitate audience interaction with board of directors and senior management. Facilitate as an expert panelist to discuss important issues in your industry. Facilitate and interview a one-on-one discussion with top management. Facilitate audience discussions to stimulate thought and generate ideas.

Client Examples:

American Public Transportation Association

David was asked to present for slightly over an hour on the future of public transportation in the United States. After the program, he facilitated the discussion between four leaders of the industry and their CEO counterparts in the audience.

Infosys Technologies

Infosys Board Members
K. Denish, Nandan Nilekani, Kris Gopalakrishnan, S.D. Shibulal

In need of an expert facilitator for their global client conference, David was brought in to work with Nandan Nilekani and the board of directors of Infosys. As a leader in software development and outsourcing, Infosys has become a household name from its references in the international best seller The World is Flat by author Thomas Friedman. For several days, David learned Infosys’ global strategy and then interviewed Nandan and the board on stage and fielded questions from the audience using his specialized facilitation methodology.

Utility Supply Management Association

Utility Supply Management Alliance – Global Warming
Claudia Rast Esq. David Goldsmith, John Lavelle – GE, Heather Quinley – Duke Energy

After delivering a presentation on managing information overload, David was asked to facilitate a discussion on global warming and its impact on the utility industry. The panel consisted of an expert in environmental law and two executives, one from GE and another from Duke Energy. David was hired for this facilitation after Brian O’Leary from Kuhlman Electric realized that David’s quick ability to learn an industry and ask intelligent questions made him perfect for the role.

Due to David’s unique position David was able to ask several challenging questions that might have been controversial if asked by a utility against a supplier. This kept all parties happy and neutral during the discussion.

Wipro Technologies

Wipro Ltd Senior Management Team ($4 Billion in Sales)
Ramesh, Sekar, Suresh, Azim Premji, David Goldsmith, Girish, Dr. Roa, Tim, Sudip, Deb

When you have a large panel, the chances for something to go wrong increase. In this facilitation session hosted by David Goldsmith for Wipro Technologies, ten panelists were on stage. David ensured that no panelist talked too much so that the timing of the event was appropriately paced. He also made sure that the right questions were answered, leaving the audience feeling that they had gained a quality experience. The event was planned expertly so that conflict was never an issue, and David managed the event so that all panelists, not just the Chairman, were able to answer questions and bring value to the table.

Prior to the event, David worked with the management team including Chairman Azim Premji to develop a unique strategy that ensured that all important questions would be asked and answered. At times, David also added insight that helped the audience feel as if they were right there on stage. Pre-planning pays off. Comments from those in the audience included, “I felt like you were a neutral party asking the right questions,” “I was surprised at how well you interacted with us and then even challenged our questions,” “You kept the pace of the session extremely engaging.”

David’s Advantage Over an Insider and the Value to Your Organization:

He can ask the tough questions! He can think on his feet to reframe questions for the panel. He can understand the questions aiding in directing the interviews. He can communicate directly with the audience as an expert. He can refocus irrelevant discussion. He can learn an industry and its challenges extremely quickly. He can put himself in the shoes of the audience.

David Goldsmith’s process is by far one of the most extraordinary techniques used to bring out the best performances of those on stage or to bring out the best out of those in the audience.

Ask David how he might help your organization meet its next challenge. Billion dollar CEOs know he delivers. Now you can experience David in action.