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What do you get when you combine a commissioned artist, a scientist, a contractor, and a performer? You get David Goldsmith delivering a Consulting from the Stage™ presentation.  Over the past decade, David Goldsmith’s Consulting from the Stage™ presentations have become synonymous with fast results. That’s because the pre-presentation interviews and research enable David to deliver eye-opening, transformational programs that improve organizations and industries. Achieve results through this customized, solutions-based approach that empowers participants to effect change long after the close of your event.

The Benefits of Consulting from the Stage™
Consulting from the Stage™ 5 Step Process
The SEVEN Reasons “Why” the CFS approach works?
Who we serve
In Depth Details of the 5 Step Process

The Benefits of Consulting from the Stage™

Experience the difference of a Consulting from the Stage™ program, and offer your audience members the opportunity to:

  • Generate winning strategies and tactics.
  • Improve individual and organizational performance.
  • Outpace even their toughest competitors.
  • Channel energy and effort into productive activities.
  • Work more effectively person-to-person and globally.
  • Maximize efficiency in all areas of their organizations.
  • Capture and retain more customers and clients.
  • Accelerate innovation internally and externally to their organizations.
  • Sell their ideas, initiatives, credibility, and organizations’ potential to  stakeholders.
  • Redefine challenges into opportunities.
  • Increase profits.
  • Do more with less and achieve results.
  • Improve global reach and awareness.

Your attendees walk away with:

  • Tools that can be immediately utilized everyday on the job.
  • Methodologies that give structure to random activities.
  • Concepts that transform decision making for the better.

Consulting From the Stage with David Goldsmith

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Consulting From the Stage with David Goldsmith

The SEVEN Reasons “Why” the CFS approach works?

The Consulting from the Stage process  taps into your challenges and your needs. You won’t end up with a mildly-tailored  “insert-name-here” presentation, because we understand that each event has its own fingerprint, meaning each audience has its own unique blend of specialized challenges needing to be solved.

  1. Individuals connect to material that is specific to their everyday challenges. Picture the reaction of your audience when the speaker goes beyond talking in generalities and discusses specific, current, relevant content that improves their daily decision-making power on the jobs.
  2. No two presentations are exactly the same. The events may be for the same organization, the same industry, or even the same group of people, yet no two groups are exactly the same, which means the information we deliver must to meet the needs of the audience.  For instance, The Medical Group Management Associations of Florida, North Dakota and Alaska each have their own sets of challenges.  Florida’s group needed to address aging seniors. North Dakota’s group had challenges with the reimbursements stemming from American Indians’ utilization of facilities. And Alaska’s group, which represents a very rural population with huge government support, wanted to know how to best meet their patron’s needs.  Our CFS research uncovered these differences and delivered solutions for each group.
  3. The world is changing at lightning speed and buyers want up-to-date answers. While many concepts are often universal, the examples used to enlighten audience members need to evolve to meet the times.
  4. Audiences love when the speaker speaks the language of the group, especially audiences comprised of high-performing leaders and managers. While groups of decision makers can learn from the successes, experiences, concepts, and tools of other industries, we know that they are still always asking, “What will this do for me.” Our ability to adopt the language of your industry becomes a common denominator that facilitates greater learning and growth.
  5. Audience members, especially decision makers,  are motivated by content, not by rah-rah on-stage antics. The CFS Process ensures that your group gains quality content that David delivers in an engaging style.
  6. David is constantly learning,  which means that your audience is getting the value of up-to-date research when they attend a Consulting from the Stage program. David has conducted over 1600  interviews with leaders and decision makers in a vast range of industries and sectors from around the globe.  That is nearly equivalent to one interview per day, 7 days a week, for five years.  He’s heard it all, and your audience will benefit from the solutions, examples, and knowledge that have helped so many of their colleagues.
  7. CFS can only be delivered by someone who sees a 50,000 foot view of the challenges and opportunities  and is not married to one topic or subject matter. For example, when leaders and managers see a sales challenge, they don’t just look at sales. They know that they may discover the true challenge in IT or shipping.  Our ability to adapt and to see the big picture guarantees that your audience members’ options are broad, realistic, and applicable.

Who we serve:

A Consulting from the Stage presentation is full of powerful, transformational, challenging messages and is best suited for those in decision making roles. Our expertise is focused on  leadership and management. These are the people who see a bigger picture, have the authority to approve purchases, and who are empowered to make decisions and to create change.  For this reason we work with leadership and management in profit, not-for-profit, government, military and education…not front-line employees.  That’s because the same information delivered to a front-line employee would dis-empower the group, because they’d have information but no authoritative means to do anything with it.

David Goldsmith and Consulting From the Stage
David Goldsmith and Consulting From the Stage
David Goldsmith and Consulting From the Stage

The straightforward, five-step process of Consulting from the Stage lets you know exactly what we’re doing for you in advance.    We’re all looking for you to have improved individual and organizational performance in the long run.

Step 1 Establish the Framework

Together we identify what you’re looking to accomplish and by what means we can help you achieve your goals. The information gathered becomes the framework for all future decisions about the presentation.

During the discussion, David will listen to your needs and then make suggestions in the form of content, examples, stories and clients to ensure that everyone is heading in the same direction together.  Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars. He’s been asked to look at marketing, operations, diversity, sales, processes, technology, innovation, culture, competition, etc. in a wide range of industries, including forecasting presentations, where he has accurately predicted the futures of diverse industries from public utilities to libraries and the opportunities on the horizon for each.

Step 2 Conduct Interviews Using A Proprietary Process

Here’s were the real work begins.  You (and/or your team) supply David with a list of individuals to be interviewed one-on-one.  David asks questions that reveal challenges, teach about the audience members and uncover nuances and the language of your industry. Although interviews are only a part of our research, they help us to learn what separates you or your group from the next organization, industry or sector.  David also finds common ground as well as discrepancies and incongruities as part of the data and knowledge that eventually leads to those redefining moments that generate new opportunities and solve challenges.

Often interviewees will give feedback on their interview experience, telling meeting and event planners that even if they had never eventually attended the event and listened to the presentation, they would have already gained consultative value in the form of direction, tools, knowledge, and solutions that David has given them during the interview itself.


Step 3
Continue Research, Testing, & Development


The behind the scenes….

What makes CFS so powerful is not what you see happening; it’s what you don’t see.  After the interview are completed, our research is ongoing.  David may  shop your competition, visit with researchers or outside resources, dig deeper into the topic internally, and more.  This research is what eventually becomes forward-thinking, practical strategies and tactics that are delivered on stage.  What you get is current, on target, insightful information that is woven into an enjoyable customized presentation.

Here’s what you don’t see.

The Additional Research and Assembling of Data
Our powerful CFS technology is engaged to assemble data and convert what’s been learned into new knowledge. We look at your industry, competing and complementary industries, and at foretasted opportunities and challenges that your audience members are likely to face in the months and years ahead and then conduct what ever additional research is necessary.
The Work Spent  Identifying the Invisible
The most difficult component of CFS is finding the invisible. The piece in the presentation that makes you say wow. We do this by using our expertise, cross pollinating ideas, creating connections and even morphing ideas into new ideas often new to the industry and often to the world.  This one step converts an average presentation that anyone can deliver to one that is redefining.
The Drafting of the Presentation Outline
Only when we are comfortable with the progress does David attempt to create an outline for the program.  With interviews, research, finding, discoveries in mind David is attempting to create order, exploring story options, wrestling with presentation format and style. Each audience is different.
The Fine Tuning and Rearrangement of  details
A typical first draft needs to be pared down to meet the allotted speaking engagement. Only the top ideas survive. The winners. This step is crucial to the program being on target because you don’t just want a presentation, you want behavioral changes and top and bottom line results. The fine tuning insures the tools, methodologies, and concepts are perfect for your group.
The Rehearsing and Adjustments
The program is rehearsed and adjusted  so that it is presented in a format that is most advantageous to attendees. This step is performed often right up until the program is delivered. 

Step 4 Refine Content On-Site *

Up until the moment the presentation begins, content may be refined and altered based upon on-site experiences.  David, if time permits *, will attend breakout sessions, have meals with the individuals attending the event, and will talk to vendors.  It’s not unheard of to us to create a new model for a client after seeing new information. During Conway Trucking’s annual convention, he offered a new approach to business development after watching the VP of Sales present four new products they were to offer to their organization.  At the Kentucky Bankers Association, he developed a model for the future of banking that is still being used today.  During the Lufthansa annual convention, David redefined much of the operational expectations delivered by the audience.  Whether you’re in construction or nanotechnology,  David does not stop absorbing and processing information that matters to you, because everything is fair game until after your presentation is delivered.

Step 5 Deliver the Presentation

Consulting from the Stage is presented in an engaging fashion so that audience members walk away with tools and knowledge they need to effect immediate transformation and achieve rapid results. If you’re like many of our happy customers who is accustomed to the room being cleared out before a speaker is finished, you will be pleasantly surprised at the retention rate of your Consulting from the Stage presentation!


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