Leading and Managing in Turbulent Times

Doing More with Less

Faced with the repercussions of recent years’ economic events, leaders and managers must continually face the expectation of Doing More with Less. However, this concept is not something new, something increasingly pressing, or something that’s necessarily negative. In this program, participants learn that Doing More with Less is none of the above.  Once you understand the misconception and get to the truth, your new perspective enables you to see the previously invisible opportunities before you, to select projects and introduce initiatives that move your organization forward and how to produce the best returns from your organization’s resources…especially in instances where ROI can’t be measured in dollars and cents.  In this program, David Goldsmith shows participants how historical and current-day leaders have turned Doing More with Less into a windfall of opportunity and achievement, and he arms leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills they need to address projects intelligently and to execute with confidence. Audience members walk away with practical and easily applicable tools for identifying and selecting their best options, ensuring that they don’t overload their staff or overspend their resources, and understanding how to translate strategy into bankable results.

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