Winning in the 21st Century

How Innovation Improves Your Products, Services, and Operations

When it comes to improving organizations, leaders have options. They can introduce new products and services to the marketplace or they can make internal changes that improve their organization’s ability to win in its particular arena. In either instance, leaders who possess the essential tool taught in this program command a great advantage over competitors in their marketplace. You’ll want to teach this universal tool to other decision makers in your organization, too, to boost success in every corner. For example, an IT manager will improve the way he or she selects and introduces an innovative new “product” in the form of installing new software to speed up organization-wide processing, or an accounting manager will do a better job producing easier-to-read billing statements for clients . This program is a mini version of David Goldsmith’s 42-hour-long New York University program, where participants walk away with practical and proven concepts as well as this essential tool so that they can adeptly manage the product/service-development process, minimize risk, increase success, and transform their organizations.

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