Rethinking Leadership and Management

Throw Off Self-Limiting Thinking to Accelerate Achievement

Most decision makers are continually learning and improving themselves, so it’s no wonder they have the occasional “aha” moment when they realize that an old way of thinking can’t effect a new success. David Goldsmith challenges audience members to rethink common and comfortable ideas they have about their roles as leaders and managers and to adopt new and innovative approaches to the way they do their jobs.  Some favorite new concepts include: the Economics of Thinking, the Goldsmith Productivity Principle, Win by A Nose, People Love Change, Doing More with Less, and so on. Each message helps audience members shake off self-limiting thinking and open their eyes to new approaches they will want to use to solve challenges and create opportunities. Past attendees say they could never go back to old ways of thinking and that this program has transformed their ability to rapidly reach their goals and objectives.

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Rethinking Leadership and Management
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The Secrets and Strategies of Empowering Others
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Getting Others to YES
Building Strategic Alliances
Putting People Last
Advanced Strategizing
Managing Priorities
Leading and Managing in Turbulent Times
Great Leaders Don’t Need Charisma
Technology’s Role in Your Next Best Step
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