The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence

How to Get the Goods on the Competition and Turn Data into Gold

All great leaders keep an eye on the competition as they build their own organizations, because getting to know the competition is essential for making good leadership decisions.  In fact, a great deal of information you might need is available to the public for free. However, haphazard modes of acquiring and using information—conferences, websites, contacts, etc.—aren’t usually enough to deliver optimal benefits.  Furthermore, you need ways to effectively process the information, extrapolate new knowledge from it, and anticipate the competition’s next moves. In this program, David Goldsmith shares his proven competitive intelligence model that decision makers in profits, nonprofits, government, military and education can use to structure the CI process, and in return, gain accurate data, be able to forecast more precisely, and make better strategic decisions.

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The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence
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