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 Paid to Think®
 Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Future-Focused Decision Making
 The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence
 Rethinking Leadership and Management
 Win By A Nose, Lose By A Nose
 Redefining™ Your Future
 Creating a Culture of Innovation
 Winning in the 21st Century
 The Secrets and Strategies of Empowering Others
 The Advantages of Thinking Global
 Getting Others to YES
 Building Strategic Alliances
 Putting People Last
 Advanced Strategizing
 Managing Priorities
 Leading and Managing in Turbulent Times
 Great Leaders Don’t Need Charisma
 Technology’s Role in Your Next Best Step
 What Members Really Want: How to Create Explosive Association Growth

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Goldsmith Organization LLC
8248 Barksdale Lane
Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: +1 315-682-3157
Fax: +1 315-682-0509

• SPEAKER SELECTION: Ensuring that David Goldsmith is the right match for your event and its attendees.
• CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Selecting the best program and content for your audience and budget.
• FEES AND BUDGET: Booking a Consulting from the Stage presentation that fits within your budget.


Is David The Right Fit For You?

If you’re looking to create lasting change : David works with decision makers—leaders and managers of large/mid/small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government, military, and education—to help them solve the challenges they face daily and to create opportunities for them individually and their organization.

Is David “motivational?”: All great speakers are motivational. Consulting from the Stage presentations are intelligent and content-rich, and they deliver proven concepts, tools, and knowledge-building information that motivate and empower attendees to apply as soon as they return to their offices. Clients report that David Goldsmith is engaging and entertaining without the “rah-rah antics” you might find from a purely motivational speaker.

Options you may consider for the program


Developing Transformational Content that Works

Available program styles : Consulting from the Stage can be delivered through keynote, break-out, and seminar style programs. Talk to us about the type that works best for your event.

Topics : David Goldsmith speaks on all relevant topics related to leaders and managers. Through more than 1600 interviews with decision makers like your attendees, he has uncovered the universal challenges…and their solutions…in areas such as strategizing, managing priorities, leading others effectively, persuading and selling ideas and projects to others, product and service development, being global, gathering and utilizing competitive intelligence, establishing alliances, leveraging technology, empowering others, innovating, and forecasting. Feel free to contact us without obligation to buy to discuss some of the topic options that might be best for your audience. (((Nano technology to airspace, water and sewage to real estate.))))

Working together : We work with you to gather the most current and in-depth information available to customize the presentation in terms of industry factors and audience needs. Our proprietary interview process enables David Goldsmith to integrate your information with his expertise to deliver the highest quality content and solutions to your attendees. Once you make the decision to book your Consulting from the Stage program, we will ask you a few simple questions to get started; then you can relax knowing that you can count on us to handle the details.


Working within Your Budget

David’s fees are therefore based upon the extent of the research necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. Please call to discuss your topic and if David wishes to pursue the project you’ll be notified as to the fees associated with the project.

Programs in the United States and Canada
60 to 90 minute keynote or program starting at $12,000
half day program starting at $15,000
full day program starting at $18,000
Travel Additional: From Manlius, New York

International Events
Please call
Business Class from Manlius, New York.

*Travel is additional.

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