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Introduction for David Goldsmith


NOTE:  David’s speaking introduction includes a stock introduction AND a personalized introduction sample.


1. Unless otherwise advised, David will arrive at your event with his own laptop and remote for changing slides, that is if your event lends itself to use of PowerPoint or video.
2. David will need a projector (for Powerpoint) and a screen.
3. Depending on the room, David works with a wireless lavaliere and not a hand-held microphone.
4. With a group of 200 or more, David is more visible on a raised platform. Being elevated also helps everyone see and enjoy the presentation without distraction.
5. Lectern – David uses a Table PC to work with the audience. For the best use of this tool, he’d like a flat podium about 40 inches  or 101 cm in height and able to fit a laptop that has been opened up flat. The table can be skirted, if you’d like. Some clients have used larger podiums, which is fine as long as they provide enough usable space to accommodate the laptop and any supporting materials that will be used during the presentation.

In terms of the materials that you use for a podium, DAVID IS FLEXIBLE. At one event, he used a wood board supported by 4 glass blocks and covered by a cloth. At others, he has used cardboard boxes covered by a cloth. We believe that if you have this information, you can be prepared in advance instead of rushing to find supplies at the last minute.

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